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Hello everybody who visited my site!!!


My name is DarkDuck. Or just Dima.

Some words about myself
I've graduated from the business faculty of MAI Moscow Aviation Institute.
(here - the proof of this fact).
More than a year I'm working at theGalaktika"Galaktika" Corporation.
(one more proof), at the sales department.

Also I like very nice town Obninsk.

If you want to learn some more, come and read my resume.

And, if you want to see me, here you can see several my photos. Also you can see me in the Gallery of (there is my portret) and in the Alley of Heroes of Miller Chat.

If you came here and you've never been or Miller Chat Miller Chat,
you're very wrong and it costs visiting.
And even more. There is Abstainers' Society on Miller Chat (if there can be abstainers). I am member of this society and you can see it!


And now some words about contents of this page:

My photos.

My favorite music.

My resume


You can connect with me by write letterse-mail
through Icq ICQ 7609706

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I don't know what about you, but I use Internet Explorer and TheBat! - TheBat!, the best E-mail client!

, Dimka_D, Shanti

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